7 shuffles

Hi folks,

Sorry for the dirth of posts over Christmas, that was largely due to me removing myself from the world of computers to make sure I didn’t accidentally ruin my holiday by doing work.

Anyway, I’m back now, and thought I’d kick off 2014 with a short post about shuffling. Obviously the fate deck is a rather important part of the game, but how much of what you flip is indeed fate?

As I may have mentioned in the past, my brother is a Magic The Gathering player (boo hiss), and one of our conversations over the Christmas holidays revolved around his watching of Malifaux games/tournaments while playing Magic in various places.

His observation was that virtually all of the Malifaux players he’d observed would’ve been thrown out of Magic tournaments for not properly shuffling their decks (and thus not properly randomising them). My approach has always been to do a few riffles and cuts of the deck, and then play on, but it turns out to get maximum randomization in your deck, you need to riffle your deck 7 times (see here). If you don’t (apparently to the extent of only riffling 5 times) there’s a good chance that there will be chunks of cards in the same order as they previously were.

So, between turns, make sure you’re shuffling properly, for maximum fate…ness.

Just as a side note, the reference above suggests that to get proper randomisation with overhand shuffling, you need to shuffle 2500 times… so it’s probably worth learning to riffle.

As to the future, there’s a post about puppet wars on the way, there’s also going to hopefully be some actual pictures of actual models as I paint the new Marcus box set, I’m going to have a mini look at various games I played over Christmas, and I may revisit why alpha is such an insanely amazing ability.

Until next time



One response to “7 shuffles

  1. Hi folks,

    It’s me again, just thought I’d give a bit of an update to this post with a few extra points.

    1) This post heralded a great twitter chat about shuffling, why to shuffle, why it’s important, whether Ben from Malibros is a giant filthy cheating untrustworthy untrusting swine, etc etc. The gist of that conversation can be found in episode 73 of Malifools (http://malifools.podbean.com/) which is well worth a listen.

    2) I’ve been trying to shuffle thoroughly since Christmas. So far I’ve played 4 games in that time, won 3 of them, and drawn 1. I’m pretty sure we can therefore draw the conclusion that shuffling thoroughly is directly related to not losing games (I’m a scientist, so you can trust my logic).

    In other news, there’s an update to what the next post is/will be about. I have about 5 posts started and not finished, but the next one will be about new year’s resolutions, as that seems to be the thing of the moment. Admittedly I’m somewhat late to the party, but it’s taken me a while to figure out what I actually want to achieve this year. One of the key reasons I’m writing a blog post on it though, is so that people can hold me to my resolutions, one of them in particular.

    Anyway, look forward to that, hopefully out over the weekend, depending on how much real life gets in the way.

    Until next time.


    P.S. yes, I know I don’t have links to other blogs and podcasts on my blog. That’s because I forget/don’t have time when I remember. They will be added soon. In fact, let’s make that resolution number 1.

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