New year’s resolutions

Hi folks,

Unfortunately my brain has switched itself off for the day’s work. Not a great end to the week. However, it does mean that you lovely people benefit (or not) from a new post here.

So as I said in the reply to the previous post, this is going to be a short(ish) post about my hobby based new year’s resolutions for 2014. The reason I’m blogging about them is A) so that you lot can keep me to them, and B) to inspire other folks to try out some targets for the year.

If playing Zelda games has taught me one thing, it’s that everything should happen in 3s, therefore I’ve gone for 3 resolutions, which I think fit the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, achievable, Relevant, and Time limited). So without further ado:

1) Paint my Marcus crew to a high (for me) standard

This one is fairly self explanatory. I use Marcus a lot, and it’s frankly embarasing to still be going to tournaments with models which aren’t painted and aren’t based. By “Marcus crew” I primarily mean Marcus, Myranda, 1 Cerberus, 1 RSR, Cojo, Jackalope, 2 Molemen, 1 December acolyte, my Joss proxy and (what will probably be) proxy for the captain (or johan). The aim is to get 40ss of this done by the start of March. The rest will be done by April or May (hitting the SMART targets).

2) Only use painted minis in tournaments (and as far as is reasonable, in friendly play too)

Again, fairly self explanatory. This one ensures that once team Marcus is painted, I don’t slack off on the painting. The “as far as is reasonable” accounts for if I buy a crew, put it together, and then want to play with it the next day, but can’t be used as a get out clause for slacking off (because you lot will berate me). It also essentially applies resolution 1 to any further purchases too.

Disclaimer: this one doesn’t count for Vapratnik (or whatever it’s called), as I didn’t plan that tournament into my painting schedule. Hopefully I’ll have stuff basecoated for that, but I make no promises.

3) So those two have been very painty. Resolution 3 therefore is going to be more gamey. Initially I thought I could aim for top Arcanist in the UK. I then remembered MythicFox is currently top Arcanist, and is ranked 2nd in the UK, and isn’t likely to slack off in the near future. So being top Arcanist would essentially mean being ranked number 1 (hence that fails smArt fairly substantially). So instead, I thought I’d go for something which will push me to the ragged edge, but still be possible.

Deep breath.

I’d like to end the year (ie by the final tournament which counts before masters places are calculated) in the UK top 30 in the rankings, with the limitation that I can’t become a total duck (vowel censorship) to do so.

There are multiple reasons for this. The first is that it ensures I keep going to tournaments (which I enjoy), I don’t really need the kick for this, but hey, it’s a bonus. The main reason though, is that I’ve been playing Malifaux for over a year now and one tournament has allowed me to briefly dip my toe into the top 50. However, I think I could do better than that. Of course the main reason I go to tournaments is to have a laugh, meet up with friends, and play new people. But then tournaments pit you against other people, and so it would be nice to actually get better at the game too. I think 30th place may be achieveable, maybe not, but as I said it’s good to aim high (shoot for the moon, you might hit a star).

The really key bit of this resolution though, is the duck part. There’s no point becoming good at the game if I just turn into some kind of filthy powergamer. Therefore, if you play against me this year and I’m being a duck (eg alpha-ing francisco to walk away from RSR, triggering attacks which I totally control… not that I’d ever do a thing like that *cough*), just pause,  and say “Dave, you’re being a right duck”. If you don’t play against me this year (I’m sure some of you have terrible excuses like “I live on a different continent” or something equally poor), then pay attention to how duckish my blog posts are getting.

So there you go, 3 resolutions:

1. Paint Marcus well

2. Paint other stuff

3. Place 30th

Will I manage them? Will I become a filthy powergamer? Will I win any painting prizes (no, definitely no)? All of these questions and more will be answered over the next 12 months.

Feel free to reply below with your thoughts on my resolutions, your own resolutions, your thoughts on whether pulling the aformentioned filthy alpha RSR trick once during a designated “practice for the masters” game against filthy Perdita, is already too duckish, and anything else vaguely related. Alternatively (because I haven’t said it for ages) you can find me primarily on twitter (iamsssk) or on the wyrd forums (sssk).

Until next time



One response to “New year’s resolutions

  1. Not duckish at all. Feel free to do that to me if we play – it’ll serve as a great reminder not to let myself get into such a position, and it’ll be a great cinematic moment in a game too. Best of luck with all your challenges this year.

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