Marcus burnout

Hi folks,

Today, I come to you with a tale of woe. This week, Malifaux Monday confirmed what I’ve been a bit concerned about for a few weeks (if not months). I think I’m reaching burnout with Marcus (when you read on, you’ll notice that this sentence is actually somewhat prophetic, kind of).
WHAT!? Is it even possible to reach burnout with the almighty king of the beasts?
Here’s my problem. I’ve been playing Marcus pretty much (give or take a few games with Ramos and Raspy) solidly since the start of the M2E open beta… that being last…er…May?… anyway, a long time ago. Sure, a chunk of that was playing him in Malifaux 1.5, but still. I feel like I’ve got him to where I like him.
I like how fast he is. I like how hitty he is. I like how dynamic and versatile he is. I’ve found, played, refined, and “perfected” (we’ll come to what I mean by “perfected” in a minute) MY Marcus. One problem is that if I make changes to how I play him, I always feel like I wish I was playing MY Marcus again, or else just accidentally fall back into my old ways anyway.
Right, now what do I mean by “perfected”? What I most certainly don’t mean, is that if I put Marcus on the table, my opponent is going to be crushed beneath my rough shod boot. There are tons of Malifaux players out there who could/would/can/will/do smash Marcus’ teeth in when he’s in my hands. However, in my local group, we (broadly) have 3 well established players (me, Jimmy, and Adrian). Jimmy and Adrian both have a fantastic case of magpie syndrome, picking up a crew here and a crew there, and playing whatever they fancy at the time. For instance today I played 2 games against Jimmy, one where he used Sonnia, and one where he used Guild McMourning (both for the first time I think).
Suffice to say, Jimmy with a crew he’s not really used before basically got smashed by me with a crew I’ve been using for half a year. The same is true of my recent games with Adrian. It’s not because I’m better at the game than them, but simply that I know my crew rather well, and therefore when an issue arises, I know how to deal with it fairly well.
The other folks at our local shop are generally fairly new to Malifaux, or new to M2E at least, and don’t play that regularly. If I put Marcus on the table against them, it’s just no fun for anyone (and Ramos isn’t much better in general).
Today’s games really highlighted that it just wasn’t that fun anymore, from either side of the table.
And so, with that, I’m hanging up my boots… er… paws? Hooves? Talons?… for “friendly” play. I’ve got Marcus to where I want him. I’ve shown that I can win games with him against the local folks, but now it’s just getting tedious.
Of course, Marcus will still be making star appearances at tournaments (I’ve not finished painting the crew yet!), and other stuff (I dare say he might pop back, on and off, once avatars become a thing… if he gets a new Avatar sculpt….), but in the interest of not getting bored of the game (and driving my friends nuts), it’s time for a fresh beginning.

So where do we go from here? There’s a rich smorgasbord of masters out there, all of them awesome. Wave 2 is going live in a few weeks, and that’s going to (near enough) double the number of masters available. Unfortunately, my income says I’m not allowed to get drawn into every new shiny, so I need to restrict myself to a few masters who particularly interest me.
One of those is definitely going to be Kaeris. I loved how Kaeris played in 1st edition (at the time she was a henchman, and Marcus and Kaeris used to have a lot of tabletime together), and from the bits which I’ve read, she’s going to be awesome fun this edition too. I also remembered I have Mei feng stashed away somewhere. She definitely has the movement tricks I like, and she was the original master who made “play it like beatdown” a phrase, so she will be making a return to the table in the not-too-distant future.
Finally, there’s another thing I’m about to embark on, which has me really excited as I’ve been wanting to do something of its ilk for many years, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you about that yet, because it’s #SecretStuff.
So all in all, Team Marcus isn’t being left out to dry, but is simply being put out to pasture for a while. I’ll return to him every now and then, and he’ll certainly be appearing at tournaments etc for a long time yet, but a new season is beginning on PILB, a season of fire, and heat, and warmth, and toastiness, and oven gloves… and cacti(?).
So there you go. I hope those Team Marcusites among you don’t turn away just because I’m venturing into a brave new world, and to everyone else…erm, look forward to more rambling nonsense about subjects I know very little about.
Until next time


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