ToMB – Post 1: an intro to my tale

Hi folks,

Let me just start this post by saying “thanks” and “wowsers” to all the folks who’re getting involved in #ToMB. When we originally started thinking about ToMB, the plan was that maybe we could get 4 or 5 of the mainstream bloggers to give it a go. As it turns out, half of the community has jumped in and got involved. That’s fantastic! Now to make this clear, it’s nothing to do with me and Chris. We essentially kicked the idea out of the door. You lot picked it up and ran with it. So thanks, and congratulations.

Anyway, this (a little later than intended due to assorted work stuff) is my opening #ToMB post. When I started out in Malifaux, there were 4 crews I was interested in. Of course Marcus was one of those, but the others were the Viktorias, Lady Justice, and Perdita. I’m still interested in all of those crews, but my first year and a bit of Malifaux has seen me pretty exclusively stay in the wonderful world of the arcanists (except one misguided foray into 10 thunders… still using Mei most of the time).

Anyway, ToMB has brought about the opportunity to try out something which isn’t Arcanist!  So, I could go with Viks, but they’re superficially quite similar to Marcus. Ok Vik players, I know they aren’t, blah blah blah, but they’re pretty fragile, they’re hard hitting in melee, and they’re pretty fast… which is how I’d describe Marcus. So sorry Viks, another time maybe. Then there’s lady Justice. She’s also pretty mashy in melee, but a fair bit more tank like (slower but more survivable). I’ve been thinking of making a Puppet Wars Lady Justice crew for a while, which may come in at some stage, but at the moment I think I’ll stick to actual Malifaux models (though who’s to say Puppet Justice won’t be making an appearance sometime in the near future).

As it happens, while buying a few odds and ends (including a shiny new Marcus boxset) in the black Friday sale, I ended up with all of the awesome limited edition Guild models. That’s alt Perdita (the cool new one, not the awful old one), Santana Ortega (alt Santiago), and Miss Terious (an alt death marshall). I knew I had to make an excuse to get all of these awesome models out on the board, so it looks like a Perdita crew for me.

Looking around, there seem to be two basic ways in which people are approaching #ToMB. One is to plan out purchases from day 1, based on what they know about their chosen crew/master/faction, and then add the required stuff each month. The other approach (of which I am an advocate) is to buy some stuff, then figure out what’s not working, and what needs adding, and figure out what to buy as you go… so that’s what I’ll be doing.

With $60 to spend in the first month of #ToMB, the obvious initial purchase is the shiny new Perdita boxset…which isn’t actually out yet… strong start. This contains Perdita, Francisco, Santiago, Papa Loco, Nino, and the enslaved nephilim, aka “the Ortegas”… and an enslaved nephilim. The Ortegas are the Malifaux equivalent of a classic squad of marines in… any film which follows a squad of marines (Aliens for instance). They all have their own specialist skills, and do some things really well, and other things very badly (except Perdita, who’s fairly good all round). They also have a lot of interesting interactions and synergies between them. Importantly (for me), they work very differently to Marcus, with synergies left right and centre throughout the crew (rather than just from the master), models which are highly specialised to a specific task (not only eating things in melee), and being comparatively slow in direct speed. I’d love to give you some more detail about the individuals of the Ortegas, but I don’t really know much about them. They’re awesome cowboys, they like guns and… they’re awesome cowboys…

The Perdita boxset (“the Latigo posse”) sets me back $45, leaving me $15. Now there’s lots of things I could get with $15, but for month 1, I’m going to leave it at just the core boxset. There’s a few reasons for this. First, I have no real idea how things work in the Guild, therefore there’s nothing which immediately jumps out as being a “necessary” purchase. Second, I like to get to know a few models well before I start buying everything under the sun. Third, the Perdita boxset adds up to around 40 soulstones (by the time I’ve added a few upgrades and some soulstones in the cache). That seems like a perfect size to start playing some games and see what’s what.

So originally I planned to take Perdita to a tournament at the start of March, but it turns out Perdita’s box only comes out on the 28th of February, so I’m not quite sure whether 3 days is enough to assemble and paint the crew (going back to my new year’s resolutions, I don’t want to use any unpainted stuff in tournaments this year). We will see.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated on Perdita progress, and whether I manage to get her to the tournament (otherwise it’ll be back to Team Marcus once again). There will also be pictures… hopefully (I realise I’m awful at putting up pics, because it takes effort… and I’m lazy).

Until next time



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