ToMB post 2: Rumble Under the gaslight, round 1

Hi folks,

Small note: Due to having no time to write, I haven’t written up a tournament I went to last month (Vapnartak in York). General summary: I beat Lynch by 1 VP, lost to Ramos by 1VP, lost to Perdita by 1VP, ended around 18th out of around 30. Was really enjoying Marcus again which is ace, but now I have a new shiny…

Welcome to another edition (is that the right term) of Play it Like Beatdown. This time we’ll be having a look at my first tournament using my #ToMB crew. Just a little reminder, it is currently month 1 of the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers, and my purchases for the month have been the Perdita boxset… and that’s it. So I figured I’d take Perdita’s crew to a tournament at the start of #ToMB to see how things work, and get a reasonable measure of how to use the crew. Then I’d have a much better idea of what to get for month 2… so let’s see if that’s what happened.

Minor change of plan: Originally I planned to make this a single post, but that would be stupidly long, so I’ve split it up into game by game, and then my thoughts on the crew, so those posts will be going up throughout this week (and maybe a bit of next week, depending on how much time I have in which to write).

The tournament was Rumble under the gaslight 2, held at the Outpost in Sheffield (my local store) and had a rather fantastic 32 attendees (I think), including a lot of people I’ve not met/played before, so well done and thanks to Jimmy for running it, and to the community for turning out in force.


Before the tournament I’d done some rigorous preparation. I’d played a whole 1 game against my regular opponent, Jimmy, in which he was testing his #ToMB crew too. I’d also read the stat cards… once or twice. So essentially I wanted to use the tournament to learn what the crew does, how the individual models interact, what nice synergies I can find, and to get some kind of baseline of how well I work with the crew.

Let’s dive in to game 1.

Game 1 – Turf War vs Lady Justice

My first game was against Simon, who I’d never played before (always a good start). He was wielding Lady Justice. The scheme pool was fairly good for me here as it had Assassinate and Vendetta, and if there’s one thing Guild like to do, it’s kill stuff (totally opposite to what I might have taken with Marcus). This also meant I didn’t really have to do too much thinking. In my opinion, Turf War is essentially a better version of reckoning, in the centre of the board, so the aim of the game for me was to take his models off the board asap (the only limitation being that Francisco had to kill the Judge).

With that in mind, I took the Perdita box set (obviously). I gave Francisco “Wade In” (which gives him hard to kill, which makes him quite…er…. hard to kill), and gave Perdita “Trick Shooting” (which lets her ignore cover or ignore armour), and then took a full 7 soulstones in my cache.

Simon took Lady Justice (with some upgrades), the Judge (with some upgrades), 2 Death Marshalls, a Guild Guard, and 2 Guild Hounds. I think that’s all, but I’m not quite sure. He took Line in the Sand and…er… maybe assassinate (as you can tell, my memory is a bit rubbish).

The game started out very cagey with some sneaky movement. Simon was very careful to avoid my fields of fire, leaving me somewhat limited in my aim to get models off the board. Perdita managed an early shot at a Death Marshall who got a little too ambitious, but not much else happened.

Perdita and Fransisco then tag teamed to take out the Judge and a Death Marshall. Fransisco ended up in a pine box, so Perdita shot the Marshall (releasing Francisco), and shot the judge a few times, then Fransisco companion activated and flurried the Judge, scoring me a nice 3 VPs for Vendetta. Meanwhile, Lady Justice was busying herself chopping Santiago into fine slices, and feeding them to a guild hound.

Eventually we ended up with Francisco charging over into Lady Justice (never a good idea), somehow surviving the retaliation, and doing a bit of damage. Simon had then run out of cards in his hand, so Papa Loco used his… “drop a bit of dynamite” ability, to deal 6 damage to Lady Justice (and himself), and then punched her in the face to kill her off (getting me assassinate). Perdita pretty much cleared up the rest of Simon’s crew (she’s pretty nasty).

So the game ended 9-2 to me, having achieved both schemes, and got 3 points for the strategy (one turn I was a little too busy killing the Judge and a Marshall to remember the strategy), while Simon had 2 points for the strategy. I think I did slightly outplay Simon here, but the score line was much more reflective of the fact that I would always flip 1 higher than him in everything…. Like EVERYTHING. That meant he was having to cheat in just to get some fairly average stuff to work, and I pretty much had freedom to do what I wanted once his hand ran out (for instance Papa would not have come close to killing Lady Justice if Simon had had cards to cheat in).

Crew thoughts after game 1:

Perdita is an absolute machine. She basically strolled around killing whatever was within her massive 14” range. I didn’t really use any tricks with her this game, just shot things, but it turns out she’s pretty darn good at just shooting things. Certainly a load more stuff to investigate with her, but at a basic level, I like what she does.

Francisco was similarly fairly impressive. Even with Wade In he felt fairly squishy, so I think there may be a certain level of finesse (pun intended) required with him. Also, as usual in Malifaux, I totally forgot one of the big selling points of him. At the start of his activation he can give a friendly model nearby +2 defence and willpower… I think I remembered it in turn 1, and not after that.

Papa Loco seems a very odd model. He wants to be close to my models in order to give them a positive flip on damage flips, but he’s so fragile, he’s likely to get killed and then blow up, killing off whoever he’s trying to give positive flips to. His attacks are pretty good, with good damage and blasts, but he has to be very close to use them. Fortunately, he managed that this game, but I can see him quickly getting killed for fear of the explosions. Maybe if I got some death marshalls so I could put him safely in a pine box…..

I don’t feel like I got a great deal of use out of Santiago or Nino in this game, and the Nephilim pretty much just boosted people forward in turn 1, and then got left behind with its pitiful walk. The lack of use with Nino was probably due to the terrain (there was an awful lot of blocking stuff, and Simon was very good at hiding). Indeed, he ended up in the centre to score points and then got killed (I think Lady J glanced at him and he died). Santiago managed to shoot down 1 Guild Hound, and then got beaten into the ground by Lady J. With a positive spin, he held up Lady J long enough for Perdita and Francisco to deal with one side and get back to kill her off. With a negative spin, he walked forwards and just got killed.

At this stage I don’t think I’d got a feel for what Santiago “does”. Clearly he’s a shooty model, but his shooting is fairly mediocre with a choice of either doing a bit more damage, or taking an extra shot on his triggers. However, with no built in suit, he’s never going to be doing the big damage I’d like. Similarly he’s fairly survivable, but not *that* survivable. Admittedly, getting attacked by lady J, there’s not much which will last long there.

So a pretty good start for Team Perdita there. I was already way up on what I expected to achieve through the day, and I was beginning to get the hang of some nice synergies (Perdita and Francisco make a pretty nice team). I really enjoyed being able to shoot things, and Perdita certainly plays very differently to Marcus (she’s an awful lot slower for one thing), which makes for an interesting change in tactics, as well as scheme choices.

Round 1 had seen a lot of very high scores, but not too many big VP differences. The highest was Brooks (another fairly laid back player) winning 9-1. In a weird twist of events, this put me on the top table for round 2… something which I’d never managed before, so I was pretty happy with that.

Anyway, the round 2 post will be up later this week (ie, when I’ve written it).

Until next time.



2 responses to “ToMB post 2: Rumble Under the gaslight, round 1

  1. Good write up, thanks for sharing. I especially like your thoughts about the models in conclusion. It’ll be interesting to compare them to your opinions at the end of the Tale.

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