Team Marcus revisited

Hi folks,

Today on Play It Like Beatdown it’s a pretty post (sort of). I only just noticed I’ve not shown you any pictures of my mediocre painting (or anything else for that matter), so this is going to be a splurge of pictures, with some minor updates to my thoughts on models (from an aesthetic and/or gameplay perspective). This week it’s a focus on Team Marcus.

First up (obviously) is the big man himself – Marcus. Personally I prefer the old metal model of him carrying his Shillelagh and a very literal primal flame, but I got so fed up of that chipping paint that the new plastic version was necessary (also given how often he breaks faces, a more muscular Marcus seemed appropriate). In game, Marcus is my favourite model by far. I used to play with him at the centre of all my plans, but I’m getting pretty good at playing without him being a neccesity now (ie I will use him as a distraction so my other models can do the leg work). As I mentioned at the end of the Jimmyfaux X post, I’m planning to test out some less feral-oriented Marcus builds in the near future. Still can’t help but take trail of the Gods though, it just strikes me as much better than the Gods domain.

Marcus, the big man

Marcus, the big man

Next up is the Jackalope. While I very much like the old metal model (particularly as mine doesn’t have horns, so is just the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), the new one is a little more aggressive, and seems to be much better at killing things (perhaps that’s just my gamer superstition). In terms of gameplay, the jackalope is just incredible, to the extent that I get annoyed when playing reckoning or when make them suffer is available, because I can’t take it (well, it’s a massive liability). I think if anything the Jackalope is the one model which has proven even better than I originally thought it was… and I thought it was rather good before. It kicks out so much damage and irritation for such a small cost (plus it’s a cheap activation), it’s just invaluable. Not to mention, opponents tend to under rate it, and therefore it gets a lot of chances to beat up overambitious minions.

The Jackalope (of DOOM!!!)

The Jackalope (of DOOM!!!)

Myranda is a model I’ve recently “discovered”. In the past she was essentially a speedy Cerberus with a few perks, now she’s very definitely herself… with a potential free Cerberus. Generally Myranda acts as chief RSR wrangler, handing out positive defense flips and healing them up when needs be. Her attack is also pretty nasty, particularly for picking off supporting models. In total she’s extremely flexible for defense and attack, but also does a great support role… especially if you remember pack leader (grumble grumble grumble). In terms of models, hers is one of my favourites from the new plastic set. Very dynamic and… good.


Myranda (soon to be a Cerberus)

Then we get to the first question mark: Joss. His armour and hard to kill can be immense, and have had him standing next to the likes of Lilith for a few turns. Similarly, on occasion he runs in and makes sushi from mid range minions (punk zombies for instance). However it seems that the majority of the time he dawdles about, trying to hit things (with dubious success), and trying to delay things (with dubious success). I often find I need to use alpha on him for a few turns just to get him to do anything productive, which then means Marcus needs to take feral instincts. I fear the issue is that I’m trying to use him as a hammer, when really he’s an anvil. Unfortunately my crew is knee deep in Anvils already, and Joss often simply isn’t pulling his weight. For this reason, I suspect switching him for a Cerberus might just give me the added speed and hitting power which Joss just doesn’t achieve. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll still be in the model pool, and will crop up fairly regularly (when “make them suffer” or bodyguard are available for instance)… just not as regularly as before. For his model, I figured that the normal Joss is too technological for Marcus, so found this rather snazzy model from Hasslefree miniatures (I believe he’s called Ferrus), who seemed more like the kind of Joss Marcus might use.

Feral Joss

Feral Joss

As I’ve mentioned him already, we may as well move on to the Cerberus. Generally I’ve been using a Cerberus via Myranda, and pretty much every time it gives the change of pace which is required to swing tight situations to my favour (at least temporarily). I really can’t fault it. The only minor concern is the low defense, but generally I find that stuff which would attack it is dead before it can attack (not being cocky, just factual)… unless I flip a black joker (darn you Vanessa!). Ace model, which does everything you expect it to and more., post-transformation

Myranda…er, post-transformation

A minor footnote here for Cojo. I just can’t get him to do anything even vaguely useful, so haven’t had the drive to finish assembling his model yet. Very slow, very squishy, somewhat functional, usually dead already.

The December Acolyte has been a staple of my crews for most of this year. It adds some much needed shooting to the crew and gives a wide range of functions (slowing enemies, forcing discards etc). It’s almost like the brutal damage track is a side note. The only problem with it is that it’s too good. If my acolyte survives beyond turn 2 it has either been phenomenally lucky, or it has cowered away and had no impact in the game (or it has frame for murder on it, and my opponent has noticed, darn you Bucky!). On occasion my opponent has to sacrifice a model in order to kill the acolyte, but increasingly it seems to die off with very little cost to my opponent at all. I fear the lack of resilience is a big cost to the acolyte. If it is going to influence the game, it needs to be in a place where it can be threatened. I often only get a single shot off before it’s gone. Admittedly, Alpha with an acolyte can be pretty amusing (with Darzhee’s chaunt it can be very amusing indeed), but generally by the time Alpha might be useful, the acolyte is dead already. I think it’s time for me to start experimenting without an acolyte (not all of the time obviously, I’m not suicidal).

Marcus' Acolyte

Marcus’ Acolyte

On to the star of the show, the mighty RSR (Razorspine Rattler if you’re new to Team Marcus). I find generally not many people use RSRs. This may be simply that they’re only useful with Marcus, but I rarely use any “beast benefits” with them, except for a turn or two of Myranda giving them positive defense flips in some situations. I pretty much always find space for at least one RSR in my crews, regardless of the strategy and schemes. They’re fantastic multipurpose models and have ace stats for their cost. Slither lets them get where they need to be, and they work perfectly to hold models in place and chip away (or at least force my opponent to use cards to avoid getting hit). Pretty much everything I expect of them. They won’t be leaving my crews any time soon. The models (both old metal and new plastic) are also rather snazzy, and make a nice focal point for the crew.

Team RSR

Team RSR

Molemen are another staple. They do drop in and out of the crew (most commonly replaced with an RSR), but more often than not, they’ll find a place in there as cheap activations, scheme marker droppers, and stupidly survivable chump blockers. Very useful models, well worth the purchase for any new members of team Marcus (and I believe the plastic molemen are available now-ish). In terms of models, these are pretty awful, but I guess molemen aren’t supposed to be pretty.



So that’s it for this week. A bit of an update on models. In summary, I guess I like the beasts, the other bits aren’t pulling their weight so well. Hardcore Team Marcus I suppose. I suspect next week might well be a similar thing with Team Perdita… though there isn’t much painted… ah well.

Until next time



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