Hi folks,

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this blog, but today I figured I’d do a little update type thing. I’m sad to say I’ve not been playing a vast number of games recently, but nonetheless, when inspiration strikes it’s best to get writing. As you may know, I’m currently travelling around in Australia doing some work etc, but unfortunately I haven’t had space to bring any models with me, and even if I had, I’ve not had much opportunity to play games (because I work hard… honest).

Nonetheless, let’s see what I’ve been up to…

Well to start with, I’ve played bits of Hearthstone when I’ve had a good enough internet connection. This is an excellent game for travelling, as you only need an internet connection, no need for models and opponents in close proximity. In Hearthstone you may be surprised to hear that I tend to use Marcus… er… I mean whatsisface… the druid. More specifically, I tend to play some variant of a ramp druid. While this has served me very well in the past (at Christmas I got to the dizzying heights of rank 6 or 7… before plummeting), nowadays it seems that I can’t get out of rank 16. I suspect this is due to a combination of things:

1) I’m out of practice and make stupid mistakes

2) I don’t know the common meta decks when I get to play, so my deck isn’t well tailored

3) fast decks tend to be ever more common, so my ramp druid is just picking up speed when he gets flattened

Anyway, that’s not much of a concern. Most of the time when I play Hearthstone I’m just aimlessly wasting half an hour or so, and playing against the high diversity of decks at the bottom end of the rankings is good fun. I haven’t even seen anything from black rock mountain (or whatever it’s called) yet, so I fully expect to get mashed the next time I play, simply by having no idea what’s going on.

I also recently discovered you can get Baldur’s gate and Icewind Dale on tablets nowadays, so I’ve been playing bits of Icewind Dale, which is still a pretty good game. Certainly worth checking out if you like RPGs.

In terms of Malifaux, I actually have played some! While in Brisbane I met up with Luke (@lukecannon on twitter) and a bunch of the locals and played 4 games of hardcore (not strictly timed though), as they were soon to be having a hardcore tournament. For those who don’t know, hardcore is 20ss henchman led games in which you have to have 4 models (including your henchman), it’s close deployment, the strategy is always turf war, and there is only one scheme which is always assassinate. Oh, also there’s no summoning allowed, so my obvious choice of Myranda is pretty much out immediately.

As I hadn’t played any Malifaux for over 6 months I figured it’d be best to go with models I knew to start with (as I’d be playing slowly trying to remember the rules), so picked Joss, a Cerberus, and 2 rail workers.

In my first game against Rowan’s Mancha Rocha (and assorted other gremlins) I kicked things off with a first turn leap-charge from the Cerberus, straight into Mancha. Several high tomes later Mancha was reduced to a couple of wounds. Mancha then retaliated, but failed his terrifying test, and Rowan’s hand was hilariously bad. Suffice to say the next turn my crew all got stuck in and the gremlins all died… not a bad start.

Next game I used the same crew against Jason using Huggy, 2 illuminated (I think) and a stitched together. This one was carnage with us trading damage and models quite evenly, but I foolishly (out of practice) left a rail worker slightly too close to the edge of the turf war zone, and he got “heed my voice”d out to stop me scoring a point, which was the difference between us. This was a very good tactical game, and demonstrates why a lack of practice leads to losses (I maintain I wouldn’t have made that mistake this time last year).

Next I changed things up and used Kang with 2 rail workers and willy (which might have been illegal, is Willy duel faction?). Against Luke’s snowstorm, December acolyte, silent one, and ice gamin. This started pretty well with Willy chucking some dynamite at the silent one, and killing it with a red joker, blasting off onto snowstorm and the ice gamin. The acolyte shot Kang, slowing him, but a rail worker then killed off the acolyte (their 0 action to get positives to attack and damage is crazy good). Kang minced about and basically showed that even with ml7 he still can’t hit a barn door with his shovel, and long story short the game ended with me 1 point up due to having killed everything but snowstorm. Events then transpired to kill Willy, who blew up, killing snowstorm, who blew up, killing a rail worker, and leaving 1 rail worker with 1 wound remaining as the last man standing. Excellent game, very funny, very killy, reasonably tactical… mostly tactics of how to be killy.

Luke and I then had a rematch where things went a little bit wrong. Kang continued to be utterly hopeless (didn’t hit anything!), the rail workers let me down, and Willy died very very quickly to the acolyte (it would’ve been turn 1 had it not been clear that Luke had a red joker, and therefore I had to use my red joker so he couldn’t cheat the damage flip). Suffice to say Luke had a pile of victory points and I had several craters where my crew used to be.

While hardcore isn’t my favourite format, I really enjoyed this chance to play against some new folks, and I was once again reminded that Malifaux is a very fun game, particularly when playing against people who have the same mindset as you (ie the “this isn’t a good idea to win the game, but it’ll be fun” mindset). Following on from this, I discovered that there’re rumblings that there may be an Australian GT held somewhere in/near Sydney in a few months. I’ll be in Sydney in a few months. This can’t be coincidence. If it does get organised then I will endeavour to borrow a (preferably Marcus or Perdita) crew and show these Aussies how us Brits play Malifaux… in my case, “badly”. Of course if/when that occurs there will be blog posts to accompany it.

For now I will leave it at that, however there is already another blog post in the pipeline, fuelled by excitement for things I can’t have (for a while), so expect that in the next week or so.

Until next time



2 responses to “Update

  1. Surely the Hearthstone equivalent of Marcus would be Rexar the Hunter? He’s all about beasts – almost literally in fact

    • True, but in terms of function I think the Druid is more similar (transforming himself into beasty form to get stuck in, and buffing up his guys). I always saw Marcus as bring a druid type guy. Maybe that’s just my environmental bias affecting him though.

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