The Return

Hi folks,

Welcome to the all new ‘Play It Like Beatdown’. That’s right, I’m back in the UK, and having spent over a year away from nerdy stuff (except a spot of Hearthstone and some android games, plus 3 great games of Malifaux Henchman hardcore in Brisbane) I’m eager to get back into it and catch up with the community. I have no idea when I’ll be playing again as I’m currently… in a transient career break (totally unemployed and skint and living in the middle of nowhere up in Winterfell (just below the wall)), but following “gainful employment”, finding a gaming group and some tournaments to go to is pretty much top of the agenda. First though, there are going to be a few changes on Play It Like Beatdown, because… well, they’re needed.

The first (hopefully obvious) change is that I’ve done a bit of spring cleaning and spruced up the blog a little to make it more attractive and easier to navigate. You can expect pictures and links and other things which real blogs have (you might not always get them, but you can expect them at least). Unfortunately that means you’re going to be exposed to my mediocre painting… it’ll make you look good though.


Look! A picture! This is one of my favourite models and my best paintjob… arbitrarily shown to demonstrate what a picture is…

The second change which I’m planning, though we’ll see if it occurs (not that I have any history of accidentally getting massively sidetracked), is that there will be some more “non-faux” content on here. I tend to play a fair few games, and so with variety being the spice of life, I thought it makes sense to spice up the blog a bit.  That being said, given that Malifaux is certainly my main game of choice, expect it to be heavily “faux-weighted”, but don’t be confused if you find other game stuff going on (hopefully with the spruce up you’ll be able to filter that out if you’re just after mali-goodness anyway).


Perdita… still needs basing…

The third change is for my sanity and yours. I’m imposing a (fairly) strict 400-500 word limit on each post. Reading through other blogs I notice that generally I favour the shorter focussed posts, and I can waste hours writing a long and rambling post which says the same as a two paragraph focussed post. Obvious change really.


Santana. Lovely model, useless in game (at least last time I played).

The final change is that I will endeavour to include at least one awful pun in each post… because the gaming community needs pun-ishment (fnar fnar).

Anyway, that’s all for now. Basically just a post to say I’m back, and looking forward to getting stuck in afresh.

Until next time


2 responses to “The Return

  1. That’s a very original colour scheme for Perdita et al. I think I never saw another colour scheme than the brown/red ones. She looks great, and had t o check a couple of times before I recognised her to be ‘dita 🙂 Looks very western!

    • Thanks. I was very conscious of not just using red for my Guild crew, and green tickled my fancy. It’s the alt Perdita (from Gencon a few years ago I think). I still have normal Perdita (and Santiago) unassembled in a box, and I’m currently trying to decide what to convert her into. A Gunsmith would be the obvious choice, but I already have 2 gunsmiths, and the new gunsmith models are so tasty I might well pick them up too. Obviously if it was Razorspines, 5 would be acceptable, but 5 gunsmiths seems like overkill. I might see if I can tinker Santiago to become a Captain proxy…. hmmmmm (this is what happens when I start writing a reply before I’ve thought of what I want to say, and therefore end up babbling half-baked ideas)

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