The Miners’ and Steamfitters’ (and Biologists’) Union

Hi folk

Given that it’s a long (LONG) time since I really did anything Malifaux based, I thought it’d be good to chat about Malifauxing in 2016. My general aim for the year is just to get back on the Malifaux scene, play some games, do some painting (and maybe modelling), attend tournaments etc… pretty straightforward. I’m vaguely aware that there are new schemes and strategies since last time I played, but to make things extra fresh for 2016 I want to expand my toolbox.

At present my toolbox pretty much involves Marcus and a big load of hitty things. Don’t get me wrong, Marcus + hitty things = success. However, for a greater amount of success and diversity, it’s time to introduce some new stuff. I could discuss the pros and cons of each master, but in keeping with my 500 word blog post limit, let’s cut to the chase.


Mei I Have A Moment Of Your Time


With my current lack of a photo-worthy Mei model, you’ll have to make do with this rather lovely Mei Feng wallpaper which Wyrd provide free of charge at

My “mei-n” master for most of first edition, and possibly the most punned master in Malifaux, Mei Feng has the movement shenanigans I like, the fighting ability to get stuck in and stay there, and minions which will hold out a while longer than Marcus’s squishy beasts. She’ll help out in strategies requiring me to take/hold objectives and allow me to play a bit more of a defensive approach, as well as giving me some new minions to mess with.


To Love And Kaeris (squint your ears and it sounds like “cherish”)


This is my current Kaeris crew. Obviously as I already own Kaeris I won’t need to buy the beautiful new plastic box… except I don’t have the Firestarter… or totem… and this lot were painted in 1 evening… by a toddler…

Kaeris was a master I really wanted to use in the M2E beta, but unfortunately I got a little addicted to the big man (understandably) and just never got round to using her. Fortunately, returning from my Malifaux break has rekindled (pun intended) my interest. Kaeris will provide me with ranged alternatives, and strikes me as a very flexible master, either dishing out a lot of burning and pain, or providing strong healing and support for a crew of tougher models***.

There is definitely overlap between these three masters, but I think there’s plenty of difference there to cover most schemes and strategy combinations, and give me different ways to achieve each objective. Along with new masters I’ll be expanding the rest of my collection, and I’ll be shifting outside of thematic boundaries to broaden my horizons too****, but that’s discussion for another time.

Should be a fun/exciting/interesting year.

Until next time



* This is a gross generalisation, and indeed I really want to learn “the gods domain” Marcus.

** In the analogy world… Of course in the real world a hammer solves all problems.

*** Not to mention there is little in life as fun as setting things on fire.

**** If Marcus wants to use a giant robot, he’s going to darn well use a giant robot! Who am I to say no?

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