For A Few Stones More

Hi folks,

This post is going to be a brief summary of a tournament I was at a few weeks ago: “For A Few Stones More” at the Outpost in Sheffield. I took Arcanists, and had two masters to choose from, Marcus and Kaeris.

I had a camera, I sometimes remembered to take photos, they are mostly blurry rubbish. Also trying a new super brief format. I’d love some feedback on whether you prefer the old rambling nonesense, or the new “tournament at a glance” approach… or something in between.


The pool of models I ended up using (gamin and RSR were summons). Kaeris, Cassandra, Lazarus and the gunsmith saw every game (with varying levels of success).

Game 1

Headhunter: Hunting party, Exhaust their forces, Detonate the Charges, Mark of Death, Convict Labour.

This game was against Rob Hallam’s (beautifully painted) Viks. Unfortunately, it was extremely short due to it being flank deployment, and I just totally forgot that our deployment zones were so close. Suffice to say, first turn Hench Vik killed Kaeris, a Performer, and Railworker. I clawed back a few points with Cassandra grabbing one head and single handedly getting me full points for Detonate the Charges, and managed to stop some points for Hunting Party (Myranda turned into a #RSR and hid, so I had a minion alive… for a while) and Mark for Death, but it ended 6-4 to Rob within an hour.

Not a great start.


Rob’s lovely Viks, chilling out for the painting competition after slicing Kaeris apart (sufficiently quickly I totally forgot to take in game pictures!).

Extraction: Hunting Party, Show of Force, Undercover Entourage, Frame for Murder, Convict Labour.

Game two was against Ross’s Gremlins and was an outstanding amount of fun, with Somer facing Kaeris. Francois was thrown into the midst of my crew extremely early on, an obvious indicator of Frame for Murder (or a very risky bluff). Fortunately Kaeris is perfectly equipped to deal with this, and so after a few bullets and whatnot, Francois found himself on fire, and dying to burning. Sadly, this was the one game in the world where Miss Step (Howard) actually survived, and so I missed out on Frame for Murder myself. The rest of the game saw a vast amount of hilarity, with Willie flattening a bunch of gremlins and a skeeter in his death blasts, and Kaeris performing an 8 inch pile driver on Sammy LaCroix (Grab and Drop). Somer then propelled himself across the board with his defensive push trigger (Miss Step proving to be totally useless at hitting anything) to score Undercover Entourage.


Whilst Kaeris, Cassandra, and the gunsmith are distracted blowing gremlins into the middle of next week, Somer has a quiet conversation with Miss Step before nipping off to score Undercover Entourage.

The game ended 5-5, and was ruddy good fun. Annoyingly, if Cassandra had managed to kill a 1 wound gremlin in turn 3, or if I’d taken Frame for Murder on Lazarus (who died almost immediately) I’d have  bagged a win, but hey ho, that’s the beauty of this game.


Kaeris shows Cassandra “how it’s done” by Dropping Sammy LaCroix 9 inches to her death, stopping the gremlins from scoring for the strategy. Meanwhile Miss Step continues to totally miss melee attacks and disengaging strikes to allow Somer to get free. The 1 wound gunsmith somehow survives to the end.

Interference: Exhaust Their Forces, Leave Your Mark, Take Prisoner, Covert Breakthrough, Convict Labour.

The final game was against Rich’s Hamelin, and I decided to take Kaeris, Leave Your Mark, and Covert Breakthrough, with a plan of mega-spamming Scheme Markers. This vaguely worked, but Rich managed to hold me up for a long time with Taylor, Nix, and a Rat King, whilst spewing out Rat Kings and Catchers like there’s no tomorrow, so I didn’t score anything for the strategy, and it all just went quite pear shaped, ending 8-4 (I think).


Hamelin cranks up his rat machine in the top right corner, while Mech Rider tries to keep up with her gamin machine in the top left. After turn 1, Kaeris’ side of the field is knee deep in scheme markers, acting as a Moleman train track.

I really enjoyed getting back into the tournament scene, and these were 3 really fun games, however my tactics etc clearly need a bit of work. Positives to take from it though are that I’m slowly getting the hang of what Kaeris does (which is extremely different to Marcus), and I’m starting to get the hang of which models work well together, and how to score points and prevent point scoring in some of the Gaining Ground 2016 Schemes and Strategies. Current issues are that I really struggle to score strategy points (scored 1 in the first game, 3 in the 4 turn second game, and 0 in the third game), but hopefully a bit more practice will bring that into line.

Cassandra took “man of the tournament” for my crews, by scoring or being involved in scoring virtually all of my points through the day. She’s a one woman scheme running machine, and is really not bad at all at finishing models off (scored all of my hunting party points against the gremlins) and surviving attacks too.

Coming up I’m hoping to have some model specific posts, and over the next few months I’m going to aim to attend a bunch of tournaments in the run up to nationals.

Until next time.


2 responses to “For A Few Stones More

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! You will get better at the game when you play more.
    I like this format a lot. If there;s too much text/detail it can get a bit of a drag to read, so this is perfect for me!

    More Marcus next time?

    • I don’t want to point fingers, but no Marcus saw me equal my worst ever showing in a tournament. Game 1 should probably have been a Marcus “smashy facey” list, and game 2 arguably could have been too, but Kaeris is darn good fun.

      I’ve got Sandeep on the way now too… a whole new world of playing Malifaux badly…

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