Scheme machine

Hi folks,

Today I’m going to be chatting about a model which I picked up recently, but has instantly found a place in virtually (possibly even “exactly”) every crew I’ve made since painting her up: Cassandra.  So far I’ve only used her with Kaeris, so I figured I’d just highlight a few handy little tips/tricks I’ve noticed so far, and what I’ve been using her for. I won’t go over stats because… well, read her card.

DISCLAIMER: I’m nowhere near a top ranking Malifaux player… indeed I’m hardly a ranking Malifaux player at all, so consider these model posts as “beginner level”.


Cassandra, the do-er of stuff, killer of things, and survivor of attacks.

Turn 1 bluff move. I used to do this a lot with Marcus. Basically Cass moves up one flank turn 1, then uses her ridiculous manoeuvrability (6” push at end of turn 1, plus 15” move next turn) to re-position. Most models aren’t as manoeuvrable as Cassandra, so this will often leave a model (sometimes a tough one, wanting to hurt her) out in the doldrums for a turn or two getting back into position. The nice thing about this, is that if the opponent spots the bluff, and doesn’t move to counter her, she can just push 6” onwards, and BOOM, Cassandra is cruising around in the back ranks, hitting things and dropping markers. I used to do this with Marcus and his 24” per turn where it was very effective… and now I suppose I can do it with both at once… nice.

The scheme machine. Being very manoeuvrable Cassandra is excellent for dropping scheme markers. This is further enhanced with her Smoke and Mirrors upgrade, which lets her drop a scheme marker AND push after an opponent misses her. In the tournament I talked about last time, Cassandra was solely responsible for 90%* of my scoring scheme markers. This is further enhanced with Kaeris’ Grab and Drop upgrade, which can see her dropping a scheme marker 15” from her start point in a turn! Add in the Practiced Production upgrade and this goes from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Crouching tiger, hidden tank. Looking at Cassandra’s card, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s all about the scheme running. Her (0) action lets her discard a card (not a problem with Kaeris drawing cards like there’s no tomorrow) and all enemy attack actions are on negative flips to hit her. In my experience, this pretty much stops enemies from attacking her as it’s not worth it. If they do attack, her high defence and reasonable willpower (plus soulstone use) counts for a lot, plus Smoke and Mirrors can help her shift away, foiling charges and whatnot. Both of her attacks are also excellent, with yet more push triggers and very pleasant damage spreads. She can easily do hunting party for you, being difficult to avoid and knocking the last few wounds off minions. Also, this survivability and manoeuvrability in the middle of things makes her perfect for handing out scheme conditions (Mark for Death etc).

I hope that’s been of some interest to some of you. Feel free to comment below with other Cassandra tricks you like, or posts you’d like to see (no promises).

Until next time


*made up statistic, but it was a lot

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