The Quick and the Wyrd

Hi folks

Today I’m going to chat about a tournament I was at a few weeks ago, at the Outpost in Sheffield, called “The Quick and the Wyrd”.

 Round 1: Standard Deployment- Guard the Stash – Leave your Mark, Show of Force, Neutralize the Leader, Occupy their Turf.

Unforunately round 1 I had a by, but between TOing duties, Dan kindly stepped in and we had a game. Dan chose Marcus, so I went for Kaeris (because a Marcus off is THE worst game imaginable). My Soulstone Miner spent all game scoring Leave Your Mark (with the unrequired help of Cassandra), while the rest of everything just had a fight over the Guard The Stash markers. The Rogue Necromancy shot and killed Kaeris, scoring Neutralize the Leader, in the activation before my Arcane Emissary Red Jokered the last 7 wounds off Marcus, who Black Jokered the damage prevention flip. The game ended 8-8, with both of us managing to stop 2 points for the strategy.


It’s time to worry when you realise that’s not my cerberus! The emissary faces off against a cerberus, rogue necromancy, and 3 guild hounds (and puts in a pretty good showing against the lot). Also check out my lovely twisted fate deck in the bottom right of the photo. A lovely deck if I do say so myself.

Round 2: Corner Deployment – Extraction – Hunting Party, Leave your Mark, Covert Breakthrough, Public Demonstration. 

With game 1 counting as a 5vp win (because apparently that’s how bys work), I was somehow 2nd after round 1! This put me against Paul Butler (who’s rather good, @tapdancer1967 on twitter) who I had played once before at Heartfaux this year (which I didn’t do a post about). There his Sonnia squeezed a 1 point win after he killed his own whole crew to prevent take prisoner. This time Paul was using the new 10 Thunders master, Asami, who basically summons things which then disappear later on. I took Marcus and the game can be summarised as each turn I very nearly scored for the strategy, but Paul would managed to kill my second model. I discovered just how awesome a hand full of masks and Law Of Meat can be, essentially shutting down Paul’s hitters for a turn. The Soulstone Miner got me 3vp for covert breathrough, and I should have taken Leave Your Mark as well, but instead took Hunting Party (didn’t have a big basket for all those eggs), which once again ended up as Cassandra smashing things with her sword. Paul ploughed through the centre of the board (it was literally like a river) and ended with a bunch of scheme markers around. I think he missed a couple of points (maybe we didn’t reach turn 5), but ended up winning 8-6. This was a very cerebral game, and I was quite pleased when facing a player of Paul’s quality (he won the tournament) to have such a narrow margin in the end. 


Marcus and Cassandra stand defiant in the centre while an absolute flood of massive oriental oddities sweep through and use their massive weapons and claws to… put out scheme markers.

Round 3: Standard Deployment – Headhunter – Exhaust Their Forces, Leave your Mark, Catch and release, Occupy their Turf.

The final game of the day was against Aron (from York), who was playing a thematic Lilith Nephilim crew. I went back to Kaeris for this one, simply because I wanted a bit more practice with her. Kaeris did a great job of headhunting terror tots, using her full activation each of turn 2 and 3 to kill a tot and pick up a head… until she took a greatsword to the face, and the soulstone miner and Cassandra bagged Leave Your Mark. For the first time so far in a tournament, I just totally missed that covert breathrough and Occupy their turf aren’t the same thing, so ended up running a performer and Arcane Effigy to Aron’s deployment zone to join the soulstone miner and score 3 for it. The Arcane Emissary once again didn’t charge anything, I was being very stupid and indecisive, and this game also ended an 8-8 draw.


Kaeris starts working her way up the food chain, having dispatched a pair of Terror tots she sets about a Young Nephilim, while Lilith sets about making delicious Cerberus sushi (expect it in shops soon).

So in the end I was 11/24, which isn’t too shabby, particularly given that I (no jokes) was actually suffering quite horribly from a cold, and the only game I lost was against the eventual winner.

I’ve got a few weeks off tournaments (before a weekend with 2 on the 8th/9th of October), so hopefully there’ll be some more “informative” posts upcoming. I have a few planned, but let’s see what actually happens.

Until next time


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