Nationals: Crew 1.0

Hi folks,

Nationals is coming up in a few months’ time, and aside from being a large tournament, it has a few interesting little tweaks, including various different crew building methods: “normal”, “fixed master”, “fixed list”, and “trinity” (3 fixed lists from 3 different factions).

Originally I was planning to just go “normal”, with Marcus, Kaeris, and possibly Sandeep, and see how that went, however recently I’ve been finding that in game 3 of a 3 game tournament my brain is usually mulch. This means that in game 4 of day 1, and most of day 2, my brain will probably be dribbling out of my ears. Therefore, it makes sense to me to use a fixed list, so that I can’t make my usual game losing mistakes in crew selection, and just focus on having a fun game with my opponent.

My initial thoughts of course revolved around Marcus (having spent a lot of time pretty much using a fixed crew with him) as he’s stupendously flexible, and I have a reasonable amount of experience using him (and a fairly narrowly defined crew), so I reckon I could do quite well with that. However, doing well isn’t really my forte, so instead I thought maybe I’d use it as an excuse to learn some new models properly. I could take Sandeep and learn a totally new crew, but I doubt I’ll have too many games before nationals to learn him well enough to play fluently, plus then I’d need to paint a billion gamin.

So the answer is obvious… kind of. A Kaeris crew! I’ve been playing her a fair bit recently with very average results (a lot of draws, a few small wins, a few slightly bigger losses), so there’s definitely space to learn some more about her and her models. After a bit of pondering I decided I want to try her thematically, otherwise the crew would just end up as a boring old Cassandra, Myranda, type crew, so if it’s not thematically Kaerissy (in some way) it’s out. As a starting point, here’s version 1.0, expect changes as I play games.

Kaeris – Imbued Protection, Blinding Flame, Purifying fire

The Firestarter – Imbued protection

Carlos Vasquez – Stunt double, Practiced production

Johan – Imbued Energies



Union Miner


Kaeris ready to do battle with her fixed crew (some assembly required).

It goes without saying, a fixed list crew should be able to achieve (or at least bluff) every strategy and every scheme (to some extent) in order to stand a chance. This one has the required models to achieve any scheme… whether it’s good at them or not is another matter.

Essentially this crew has a nice burning theme, and many of the models synergise nicely with each other (Johan and the Miner like to be near M&SU members, which is everyone but Carlos, most folks benefit from burning), so I don’t need model A and model B to work together every game. I’ve got some excellent tanking models, some reasonable hitting models (if anything, this is the weak point… which is odd given my play style), and a good bit of scheme running potential, as well as a reasonable number of activations.

So, for a purely theoryfaux list, what do you think?

Until next time


2 responses to “Nationals: Crew 1.0

  1. You don’t need Stunt Double if you’ve got Purifying Flame and you don’t need Practiced Production if you’ve got Grab and Drop. I would ditch one of them and upgrade your Miner to a Large Arachnid for extra hitting power.

    I do also generally prefer Grab and Drop to Purifying Flame and take your pick of Arcane Reservoir/Seize the Day/Imbued Energies over Imbued Protection.

    By my count you’re running with two (fragile-ish) Henchmen, only 7 models, no summoning, and a minimum Cache. I’d probably drop Willie for a Railworker and pocket the stones.

    I’d be happier running something like;
    Kaeris – Grab and Drop, Seize the Day, Blinding Flame, 7ss
    Firestarter – Energies
    Carlos – Stunt Double, Energies
    Johan – Energies
    Gunsmith (though you don’t have a cheap way to make him Fast)
    Large Arachnid

    You should be able to rock Convict Labor, and achieve any other marker schemes just fine. You’re going to be hard to pin down, Kaeris basically keeps your crew free, and snatches your opponents models for Carlos or Johan to murder. You’ve got a couple hard hitting, reasonably hard to kill minions, and between Seize the Day and Energies everywhere you should be able to make turn two or three real nasty for your opponent. Your stones will mostly go into keeping Carlos and Kaeris in the fight.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I did read it when you posted, but then life happened and I only just returned. The Grab and Drop/Purifying Flame question is one which is still bouncing about my mind. I like G+D for amusing shenanigans, but PF seems to be treating me better in terms of actually being useful.

    I’ve found Imbued Protection on Firestarter to be excellent. He has managed to achieve all of my scheme marker based needs to date, and also acts as a very good road block/taker of prisoners. Generally I’ve found that Kaeris didn’t need it though, so switched it out for Seize the Day, which is excellent.

    I’ve also tweaked the crew composition by removing Carlos and adding in… various things. In the latest post (Pigfaux) I put in an extra gunsmith and a Malifaux Child, which were very useful additions (and the extra activation was great), but then I tried something different in the next tournament (post coming… soon).

    Anyway, thanks for the input. Much appreciated, and very helpful too.


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