Hi folks,

Disclaimer: This post will be slightly longer than planned due to fixed crew spiel.

I spent 2 days at tournaments the other weekend, and so it’s time for a post on the first one: Pigfaux. This was an interesting change of affairs because it used rulebook strategies rather than Gaining Grounds 2016 strats, and this was the first time I’d played them this year!

This was also my first test with a version of my fixed Kaeris crew for Nationals. The crew was:

Kaeris – Grab and Drop, Imbued Protection, Blinding Flame

Malifaux Child

Firestarter – Imbued Protection

Johan – Imbued Energies




Union Miner


Game 1

Squatters rights

Convict labor

Exhaust their forces

Leave your mark

Catch and release

Frame for murder

Rob Ayres was my opponent for this game, playing Zipp. This was my first time playing Rob, and my first time playing Zipp, and both were ruddy good fun. I picked schemes very badly, thinking Leave Your Mark was too obvious, so took Frame For Murder on Firestarter, to fake Leave Your Mark and get him killed… unfortunately Rob ignored him, so I would’ve scored 3 for Leave Your Mark, except I didn’t have it… grrrr. Exhaust their forces went ok. My major mistake in the game was getting kaeris to attack an Iron skeeter when she had a spare AP with nothing to do. She flattened it, this was the single model I killed in the game (other than through burning), and lo and behold, gave Rob 3 points for Frame For Murder. After a bit of Catching and Releasing, Rob won by a few points, but at least I identified why I lost (not performing the afformentioned stupid mistakes would’ve given a 6 point swing!).


Having accidentally fried an Iron Skeeter, Kaeris continues to hold up Rob’s crew, with a little help from Johan and Firestarter.

Game 2


Convict labor

Exhaust their forces

Hunting party

Neutralise the leader

Frame for murder

Game 2 was against Graham Bursnell, who I’ve played once before, about 3 years ago. Graham is rather good at the game (what with being the current UK master), but is also a delight to play against. Graham brought along Misaki who quickly flattened Willie and a Union Miner before taking 7 hammer blows to the face from Johan and dying. Firestarter proved to be a massive liability by being too near a Void Wretch with a pile of burning on it, and giving Graham 3 points for Frame for Murder (spot the theme for the day). While Firestarter and a Gunsmith proved remarkably survivable, it wasn’t enough, and Graham won by 4 points or so. Here I once again really struggled to score anything for the strategy, which seems to always be my problem. I got frame for murder on a gunsmith, and I think I had exhaust their forces… should’ve taken Neutralise the Leader. Either way, I wasn’t playing too competitively here, with Kaeris spending 2 turns trying to Grab and Drop a donkey (Hodgepodge Emissary)… because it was amusing.


While Firestarter and a Gunsmith try to hold up most of Graham’s crew (with some success), Kaeris sets about trying to drop a donkey from a great height… turns out it may be too heavy for that.

Game 3

Turf war

Convict labor

Take prisoner

Hunting party

Show of force

Frame for murder

The final game was against Steve Wilson, who had been having a nightmare day, his deck just preventing him from doing anything, and sadly that continued. In this game I felt like Steve outplayed me fairly substantially, but his deck just foiled all of his good moves. To summarise the game in 1 instance, Steve charged a Gunsmith with his Cerberus and failed to kill it despite getting an extra attack from its trigger (and the gunsmith got Fast from it’s defense trigger). The gunsmith then activated and attacked the Cerberus 3 times, hit its mask trigger (2/4/6 damage) each time (top decking), repeatedly got moderate damage on negative damage flips, and blew away the Cerberus in 1 activation. I ended up with a 1vp win after the Union Miner’s improvised weapon prevented Marcus from being able to shift damage onto a beastified Kaeris. Slight spoiler for the future though, what comes around goes around (over the course of a weekend). Also unfortunately this was one of 2 games over the weekend which I forgot to take photos of, apologies.

In the end I came somewhere near the bottom (1 win and -6 or so VPdiff), but I also ended up winning joint best sports with Brooks Martin, which rounded out a brilliant day’s Malifauxing. I very much enjoyed this tournament. It was an excellent example of the Malifaux community just being lovely people.

Until next time


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