Nationals games 1+2: Stumbling out of the blocks

Hi folks,

*Disclaimer: For those who missed it last post, I shifted from fixed list to fixed faction – Arcanists, for Nationals*

As I’m pretty sure everyone who reads this will be aware, I’ve just been to the UK Nationals tournament in Daventry, run by the lovely Mike Marshall (@oldmanmyke) with much assistance and input from Lee Battrick (@Leebat), Matt Spooner (@uberspoons), Ben Crowe (@jondoe297b), Jen Truby (@_jen_tr_), and a whole pile of other folks such as those who provided tables (special mention to Dave Brown for providing about a billion tables’ worth of terrain). Additional mention has to go to Connor (@proximocoal) and Jen Truby for helping me find my B&B on Friday night, and then giving me a lift to/from the venue on Saturday (and taking me for dinner with Mike, Lee, and Aaron on Saturday night, which was great fun, despite me being pretty much comatose).

This post is going to cover my first 2 games (ie the first half of day 1).


Game 1

Collect the Bounty

Inspection (Me)

Exhaust Their forces (Me)

Show of Force (?) (Mark)

Occupy Their Turf (?) (Mark)

First up was Collect the Bounty against Mark Elwood (@Mark_ruckuss). I picked a general old school Marcus crew (the board wasn’t too Kaeris friendly). This was the first time I’d played against Dreamer, and Mark went summoning heavy, with Stitched Togethers, Coppelius and Lilitu popping out left right and centre.

Some very bad positioning meant Teddy and Coppelius could fairly freely chop up Razorspines, molemen, and my night terror, with Marcus, Johan, and my Myranda-Cerberus unable to help out too much. Eventually the Cerberus got over there and basically spent its time killing lilitu, who would then get summoned back into play, lure my molemen/night terror away from scoring Inspection, only to get eaten again next turn (the Cerberus ate 2 or 3 Lilitus). Mark ruined my exhaust plan by either killing my models so that his exhausted models could just remove the condition, or killing his exhausted models (a plan I adopted to good use later in the tournament), while consistently scoring Show of Force, and scoring 2 for Occupy Their Turf in the final turn (due to a Jackalope hitting a disengaging strike to prevent the full 3 points).


My right flank collapses, while my left is waaaaaaaay too strong. Nekima plays a bit of casual poker with some stitched in the middle, while Chompy goes for a casual walk in Mark’s deployment zone. From this you realise how many resources Mark had to spare, whilst still mulching my crew.

When the dust settled, it was 8-1 to Mark. Despite getting utterly whomped I really enjoyed this game, Mark was a lovely bloke to play against, and as I alluded to earlier I learned a lot from it, which I later put to good use.


With pretty much everything dead, Marcus sneaks off to fight another day on the far left centre, while the Jackalope is hard at work holding up an Insidious Madness on the far right centre, and stopping Mark from scoring a vp (subtext, the jackalope activated, then Mark killed it, then he killed the cerberus so the jackalope returned and unfortunately he forgot it could then activate again to move to the Madness, otherwise it would have been a 9-1 win)!

Game 2


Leave Your Mark (Me)

Exhaust Their Forces (Martin)

Undercover Entourage (Martin and Me)

Something else which didn’t get used

Next I was playing Martin Manson’s (@ArchonMonsoon from Sweden) Gremlin Zoraida, in Extraction. Having chatted to Martin on twitter and a bit before game 1, it was great to be drawn against him round 2. I was fairly happy that Marcus or Kaeris could both do the strategy and schemes, but as the table was very open, decided to just use my Kaeris fixed crew so I didn’t need to think too much.

I took Undercover Entourage and Leave Your Mark, on the basis that Kaeris could just go and score me 6 points, while the whole of the rest of my crew just did the strategy. This plan fell apart fairly quickly, as Francois (aided by an Iron Skeeter) deleted both gunsmiths before they’d put down their cups of tea and picked up their hats. I was then struggling to have enough significant models to score the strategy, and Kaeris had to deal with Francois and a Rooster Rider, so was severely delayed in getting to scheme running. The final nail in the coffin was Trixie’s Gremlin Lure, which kept pushing Johan and Firestarter away from the informant marker and giving them slow so I just couldn’t get to it.


Turn 2, and things have already fallen apart. The space between Kaeris and the Iron Skeeter used to contain 2 gunsmiths and Francois. Unfortunately with her crew flailing ineffectually at the Gremlins, Kaeris needs to take matters into her own hands and bring the pain.

I got 1 point for the strategy in turn 2, and Kaeris bagged me 4 points in the final turn by getting to Martin’s deployment zone and putting out a scheme marker for Leave Your Mark, however Martin only missed one point (I think from Exhaust) because he’d mulched my crew too quickly! One possible mistake here was that I forgot I could take Undercover Entourage on a Henchman, so possibly should have taken it on Firestarter, leaving Kaeris to assist in the centre. A 9-5 loss there then, but a stupendously fun game, with much silliness, and a lot of Gremlins getting roasted.

We finished that game quite quickly, and so by lunch on day 1 I was on 2 fairly sizable losses, and not looking in too strong a position. Would lunch and a cup of tea be what I needed to get back into the tournament, or would it take more than a bit of sustenance to drag me up from the bottom tables. Tune in next post (probably in a few days) to find out.

Until next time


3 responses to “Nationals games 1+2: Stumbling out of the blocks

  1. Hi,
    great reports all around! Kaeris and Marcus are both Masters I prefer over Ramos or Raspy in Arcanists. Maybe because they have an Underdog Status in our gaming Group 😉

    But I’m curious how the board im Game 1 worked for you with all the walkways and stuff.. I guess leap was a serious help there to get around?


    • I don’t think either of us was overjoyed with that board. Leap helped a little, and we played it as slightly wider than it was for movement purposes, so a 30mm model could pass other stuff (or visa versa) in the corridors, otherwise it would’ve just been a meat grinder queue… Though with teddy and coppelius in the right hand corridor, that’s pretty much how it ended up.

      I generally find Raspy and Ramos a little dull for my play style. Used to have Ramos but I solid him because games with him weren’t fun (though I won a lot), and I have Raspy but haven’t used her.

      I’m still struggling with Kaeris a bit. She hasn’t quite clicked yet.

  2. Yeah. I think I know what you mean concerning Kaeris. In theory I know what would work with her crewwise and what she could do, but in a game I often wonder what do with her ap in certain situations…

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