Nationals games 3+4: The Rocky Style Montage

Hi folks,

As mentioned last time, this is going to be the blog post equivalent of flurry…er… with melee expert as well (it’ll probably be 4 posts in the end) for this week, and Mike has specifically requested it be posted IMMEDIATELY… he must be having a slow day. So here’s games 3 and 4 of day 1.

Game 3

Squatter’s Rights

Protect Territory (Pete and Me)

Cursed Object (Me)

2 Other Schemes (I don’t remember which, and I don’t remember what Pete’s second one was, but I don’t think he scored any for it)

After two pretty big losses I found myself on table 58 (I think) of 62 (I think), playing Squatters Rights against Pete Rees (@Eviltaffeh), who I apparently have met in the past, but somewhat embarrassingly couldn’t remember (sorry Pete). Anyway, we hadn’t played each other before (if Pete tells me we have played before I’m going to curl up in the corner and cry), and we were both in very laid back mode having lost two games and then had lunch, so this was a very relaxed friendly game.

I took Marcus and the usual suspects with a Cerberus and December Acolyte this time, and Pete took his fantastic Mr Cooper (Collette) crew, with Cassandra, Performers, Coryphee, Doves, and Mannequins. Straight off Pete went all down one side to avoid my Acolyte (which literally spent the game walking 4” and interacting), and so the Acolyte and a Razorspine quickly got me 2 uncontested Squatters markers, ensuring I’d score the strategy every turn, and then performing Protect territory too. Pete proved just how difficult to kill Collette is, by throwing her forward, then bouncing her back to a performer when she got killed, and then throwing out scheme markers for days to ensure I couldn’t hurt her.


On the far right the Coryphee mixes it up with a Razorspine and a Cerberus, while another Razorspine and a December acolyte (off photo on left) trot about doing scheme running.

In the end, Marcus held a squatter marker and killed everything which came near, and a Razorspine sat near one and managed to hold off the (5 or so AP per turn with Prompt) Coryphee duet for an outrageously long time (while dishing out cursed objects) to prevent Pete from managing to control a second marker, and eventually a Cerberus and Marcus pretty much killed off most of the Showgirls, leaving the game a 7-4 win at the end of turn 3 (might have been turn 4, I don’t remember).


Eventually the Razorspine and Cerberus road blocks fell down (the Cerberus on the right here used to be Myranda), but they’d done their job. Scheme markers have been removed when this photo was taken, so the Razorspine, Marcus (top left of house) and Acolyte (off pic left) were all getting Protect territory.

A note for the doubters out there – the Razorspine holding off the Coryphee scored me 2 points for cursed object and prevented Pete from scoring 2 or 3 points for Squatters Rights. Rattlers are good!

Game 4


Hunting Party (Me)

Leave Your Mark (Rik and Me)

Convict Labour (Rik)

Something else

For the final game of the day, everyone was mentally exhausted, and I ended up playing Rik Philips, who is just a delight to play against. It was interference, and Rik brought Nicodem with the Valedictorian, Mortimer, Belles, Necropunks etc. I took Marcus and co, with 2 molemen, Cassandra, and a night terror this time. Unfortunately Rik had accidentally left a bunch of upgrades at home, so Nicodem and his posse were a massively sub-standard build, essentially struggling to get out the corpse markers he needed to summon.

This was also the first game of the tournament where I used Marcus aggressively, and he was rather effective. In turn 1, the Valedictorian came a little too close, and Marcus dropped a tome in order to go full melee monster on it, wiping it out very quickly. This left my molemen free to grab Leave Your Mark, while Marcus went on to take out Mortimer and launch an assault on Nicodem himself. Myranda Cerberussed it up and, with Cassandra, started tearing up the minions to score hunting party, while the Jackalope managed to hold up 2 belles for turn after turn, as they just couldn’t hit it!


In the bottom left Marcus deletes the Valedictorian, before working his way straight upwards, allowing the Molemen to run schemes till their hearts content. In the top right Myranda and Cassandra take it in turns to kill necropunks, the night terror, belles, and anything else they can get their hands on. There’s even a spare Razorspine off picture at the bottom changing table quarters as necessary to ensure I score strategy points each turn.

A Razorspine even assaulted and killed a summoned Hanged in the centre area of the board, using the push trigger to get back into scoring territory (Rattler filth). Frankly, it was rather one sided. Rik scored a couple of points for Line in the Sand, but the game ended a 9-2 win at the end of turn 4. I believe Rik is based somewhere near Leciester, and I’m really hoping he gets to more tournaments soon, as I know he doesn’t play too much, but he was an absolute blast to play against.

We then had the Quiz, which was hilarious but tricky, (team “people from vaguely near Sheffield” definitely didn’t win), and I then went for dinner with Jen, Connor, Mike, Lee, and Aaron (in summary, a massive pile of Malifaux royalty) and we chatted our way through the evening hours… though I was pretty much comatose for most of those hours. Nonetheless, socialising is one of the awesome bits of big tournaments, and this was a delightful, quiet, non-alcoholic, little outing. So at the end of the day I’d had 4 fantastically enjoyable games, lost 2, then won 2, and was on -1vp difference. Was I destined to be as midtable as the result suggests? Would the win streak (can you call 2 wins a win streak?) continue?

Find out next time




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