National games 5+6: The use of actual tactics

Hi folks,

Ready for more gaming attrition? Here come games 5 and 6 (out of 7) of UK Nationals.

Game 5

Guard The Stash

Frame for Murder (Paul-the Captain, Me-Cerberus)

Leave Your Mark (or another scheme marker one) (Paul)

Take Prisoner (Me-Joss)

First game of day 2, and it was Close Deployment Guard the Stash against Paul Flory, and his Collette crew. Paul went fairly elite, so I had a good bit of activation advantage. Also for this game my brain actually went to “play good malifaux” mode, which is a rarity. At the end of turn 1 I found myself with Marcus and a Cerberus unactivated, so obviously cast Alpha and Darzhee’s Chaunt on the Cerberus, discarded Imbued Energies, and went to town. Unfortunately a black joker damaging a Performer meant that the Cerberus could “only” (chuckle chuckle) obliterate the Captain in turn 1. Giving Paul 2 points for Frame for Murder.


My pair of Guard Cerberuses defend the stash while Paul measures the exact distance between my Moleman and certain death at the jaws (plural) of his Cerberus (this was a Cerberus heavy game). Meanwhile Marcus (extreme bottom left) spends his full activation and 2 cards from my hand whacking a pesky Pidgeon. The Razorspines (plural) fell early to a Silent One (on top of a building centre top) which, it turns out, is appalingly good.

In turn 2 I discarded an 8 and 10 of tomes with Trail of the Gods so Marcus could walk 24” to the back of my deployment zone and hit a Malifaux Raptor. This may seem a little excessive (taking all of Marcus’s next activation just to get back into the game), but then it stopped Paul scoring any of Leave your Mark, so worth it I think. I also successfully faked Leave Your Mark with Molemen enough to draw Paul’s Myranda-Cerberus well out of position, and generally played pretty darn well. Unfortunately Paul didn’t kill my Cerberus (which had Frame for Murder on it), leaving it free to rip things up, but I managed to grab a 6-5 win, with Joss failing to walk away from Marcus in the final turn so that Marcus could bundle him into the back of a van for Take Prisoner.

Game 6

Head Hunter

Exhaust Their Forces (Me)

Hunting Party (Keith and Me)

Catch and Release (Keith)

Something else

For game 6 I found myself upstairs on the “top tables” playing Head Hunter against Keith Robinson’s Lilith Nekima crew. In chatting before the game, we realised that neither of us had any earthly business being anywhere near the top tables, and we just had an absolute blast. Keith had a strong turn 2, bagging a point for each scheme and the strategy, while I had a relatively weak turn, only managing to pick up Mr Graves’ head.


One of my Razorspines gets lured (by the promise of Jaffa Cakes) right over to Keith’s deployment zone, lined up to be killed for Hunting Party and Head Hunter in turn 2… it worked…

However in turn 3 fortunes changed. I had chucked Marcus right in the mix, using good cards and a Jackalope to prevent death by Nekima (though re-directing an attack onto the Jackalope meant Keith scored Hunting Party!), and then making various folks beasts (and on –ve flips). It turns out this just shuts a lot of stuff down, preventing Keith from killing anything and getting a head. My Cerberus then killed a Waldgeist to bag Hunting Party, and let my Performer pick up the head, while a Razorspine Exhausted Lilith. Finally Willie blew up my Tagged (Catch and Release) Myranda-Cerberus to prevent Keith scoring that, giving the exact opposite of turn 2. The game ended at the end of turn 3 (we somehow played very slow, not sure why) with a well deserved 4-4 draw.


A Razorspine and Marcus hold the whole of Keith’s crew (most of whom are now beasts) up, while the left hand Cerberus prepares to eat the waldgeist (next to RSR) and Willie (low centre) prepares to blow away the (MY) Cerberus on the left hand side to prevent Catch and Release.

Keith and I just had an awesome game and were discussing who we might end up playing in game 7, when we realised we must be on equal TP, almost if not exactly equal VP diff, and in game 7 if you’re drawn against someone you’ve already played you DO play them again.

…but surely that wouldn’t happen when we’ve just played right?…

Until next time


2 responses to “National games 5+6: The use of actual tactics

  1. Terrific reports so far; I love your summary style. That said, I think it would help other readers if you mentioned the strategy scheme pool at the start of each game as it makes it a bit easier to understand what is going on.

    Hopefully we can meet at some future event and have a ‘blog off’!

    • Thanks. You make a good point, I may go back and edit what I can remember of the strat/scheme pool into the start of each game. My major issue at this point is remembering what the schemes and strats were, but I guess you only really need to know the ones which were used for each game. Time for a crash edit.

      *Edit: Stuck in which schemes I can remember, and who took them



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