Enforcers Assemble

Hi folks,

Last weekend I attended Enforcers Assemble, a 100ss pool event (50ss games) in Coalville (where the UK masters was being held). As discussed last time, I decided to take Lilith to this one, and my pool was basically the Lilith box set, 2 Bloodwretches, 2 Waldgeists, a Silurid, and Johan. This was also my three first games using Lilith, so get ready for some silly mistakes, and lessons learned (or not).
Game 1
Strategy: Headhunter (Close Deployment)
Schemes: Claim jump
Frame for murder (me)
Dig Their Graves (Craig and me)
Covert Breakthrough (Craig)
Search the Ruins

Game 1 was against Craig and his Lilith crew. This was both good and bad for me. Good in that Craig was very helpful in teaching me how various parts of the crew work (mainly Lilith herself), and bad in that Craig already knew how she works. Craig picked up on my Frame For Murder target very quickly, eventually killing the target bloodwretch with The Thorn in turn 4. Craig had taken Covert Breakthrough, and I failed to realise that with it being close deployment, he could put down 3 scheme markers just over the half way line in the last turn to score 3 points. On the plus side, I don’t think I’d have picked up on this even if I was using Marcus. Our crews traded kills, both fairly easily getting points for headhunter. Nonetheless, game 1 finished a 6-9 loss, which I was pretty pleased with given that I’d never used these models before.


Craig’s crew cowers behind a tower, while mine cowers behind an illusionary forest, taking it in turns to fish for victims.

Game 2
Strategy: Stake a claim (standard deployment)
Claim Jump
Leave Your Mark (me)
Accusation! (me)
Hunting Party (Jamie)
Inspection (Jamie)

Game 2 was against Jamie Clark of the ”2 guys 1 paint pot” crew from Scotland, someone I’ve not played against since my first tournament of last year, Heartfaux. Last time my Marcus skimmed a win from Jamie’s Ramos, so we knew we’re reasonably closely matched in skill. This time Jamie was playing a Yan Lo resser crew.


On the right, Chiaki gets switched for a bloodwretch which scampers off to score some points, while on the left, Yin eyes up the cherub, a Tot, and a Waldgeists for destruction.

After a well placed tangle shadows, I managed to knock off Chiaki early, and got a Bloodwretch up to place a Claim marker in turn 1. From this excellent start I scored a few strategy points, and Jamie didn’t score any. However my schemes fell down a little, struggling to get out scheme markers and Claim markers at the same time, and with Yin stalling and/or killing my whole left flank, the game ended a 6-6 draw.
Game 3
Strategy: Squatter’s Rights (Corner Deployment)
Claim jump
Dig Their Graves (Tim and me)
Leave Your Mark
Show of Force (Tim and Me)
Recover Evidence

A loss and a draw under my belt, I found myself facing Tim Brown, whom I also last played at Heartfaux last year. Last time Tim gave me a fairly comprehensive beating with Ophilia, and this time he was using Wong. I don’t think I’ve seen Wong in play before, so this was novel to me.

Tim’s crew was a mix of hitty models and tricky models. In turn 1, Burt got thrown straight into one of my Waldgeists which somehow survived, and Lilith then smashed him into the ground. Lilith spent the game scoring me Dig Their Graves (she killed Burt, 2 swinecursed, the lucky effigy, Trixie, and the lovely assistant!), while Barbaros single handedly scored me show of Force (except one turn when he got “gremlin lure”d away) and stopped Tim scoring it, and my various Minions scored the strategy, and stopped Tim scoring it for a few turns. The game ended a 10-6 win to Lilith, basically because I managed to get on top of Tim’s very aggressive playstyle, and with one more upgrade, I could keep show of force points from Tim.


Sorry folks, my only photo of this game is Wong returning to the centre to find that his crew has been eviscerated by a greatsword (and Barbaros essentially winning me the game).

So at the end of the tournament, I was on a loss, a draw, and a win, which saw me 16th. For a first run out with Lilith, I was pretty pleased with that. I certainly learned a lot from this, and found myself lacking hitters (except Lilith) as I expected. Nonetheless, I found Lilith very fun to play, and I’m looking forward to using her again.

Until next time





3 responses to “Enforcers Assemble

  1. Nice report, as always. If you could pick your 100SS pool again, would you take anything different? As you point out, Lilith is your only fighty model, and even with her I feel like she wants to pick off stragglers rather than wade in to the middle of a crew.

    I also played a couple of games with Lilith at Vappa (on my blog if you want to check it out) and found that the control of Barbaros plus the killing power of Nekima can make a highly effective combination if you can get the positioning correct.

    • Interesting question. My pool was built on 2 basic reasons: Simple models, and models I have painted. Given that this was my first 3 games using Neverborn, I didn’t want to have to read through cards as I went, so I picked models which are pretty easy to use (this was also my first go with Gaining Ground 2017). I think this worked pretty well as an intro to Neverborn, and the following day I just used the same pool again (even though it wasn’t a pool event the next day). I’m still a bit bamboozled by Neverborn hitters, as they’re all 10+ soulstones, which is way more than I’m used to paying for hitters, therefore I’m a bit more tempted to go with more midrange things (Young Nephilim, Illuminated etc) to bulk out my hitting potential.

      I found Barbaros was either excellent or useless, and (in the same vein as my hitter opinion) very expensive for what he does.

      My model of the day (and indeed model of the whole weekend) was the Cherub (well, and Lilith, but it’s kind of expected that your master does a fair bit of work). It’s bow is just insane for controlling things, and allowing things like Bloodwretches to A) use a (0) action, and B) put out a scheme marker for a (0) scored my a good 5 or 6 points over the weekend. A truely cracking model.

      • I fully agree on the Cherub. Having seen Neverborn players using the Primordial Magic and singing its praises since the start of M2E, I was amazed by how fantastic the Cherub turned out to be in practice. That bow is staggeringly good on such a cheap piece.

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