What’s the blog about?

Hi folks,

This blog is following the rise (or, more likely, fall) of a wargamer, as he finds his way through the wonderful world of Wyrd Miniature’s Malifaux.

Malifaux is a character driven steampunk gothic western horror game. What is “Steampunk gothic western horror?”, I hear you ask. Well basically take some classic zombies, a few big monsters, some gritty cowboys, the occasional mad scientist, a handful of sneaky ninjas, and some steam powered engineers, mix them up in a city from a parallel universe, and you’re probably about half way there.

Malifaux is unique in the wargaming scene (as far as I’m aware) in using playing cards, rather than dice, to determine the outcomes of interactions between characters. Players use small crews (usually less than 10 models each) and battle it out to grab objectives, sabotage opponents, or just beat each other up.

In this blog the focus will be on the Arcanist faction of Malifaux. They’re a rag-tag mix of the workers’ union, steam powered constructs, savage beasts, and ice warriors. An odd mix, I’ll admit, but they all fall under the category of “oppressed masses”, a fact which draws them toward revolution.

I hope you’ll join me as I try to figure out how best to fend off the assorted horrors found in the city of Malifaux, while trying to carve out my own little piece of paradise.

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