Clash Of The Tyrants

Hi folks,

Welcome back, today’s post is all about “Clash of the Tyrants”, a 35/45/50ss tournament I attended at Sanctuary last weekend.

Game 1 – 35ss

Deployment- Corner

Strategy- Interference

Schemes- Convict Labor, Show of Force, Leave your Mark, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage

For this I was drawn against Nathan (@nathanchenery on twitter), who I hadn’t seen for years, so it was really good to catch up. He was playing Hamelin, and predictably the game didn’t go so well for me. As Nathan was able to engage my models using single rats and summon in minions left right and centre, points for the strategy were never even vaguely possible. I had a plan of Myranda (a Cerberus) and Marcus doing lots of killing, and Cassandra sneaking round the side to get Undercover Entourage. This all worked fine until Cassandra got utterly munched by Hamelin. I couldn’t stop a single point for Nathan (well, I possibly could have done, but not while also scoring points for me) and ended up getting 3 for Covert Breakthrough. Annoyingly, I also ended the game with Marcus (my usual Undercover Entourage model) stood in the middle of Nathan’s deployment zone with full wounds, but the game ended 10-3 to Nathan. I can’t say I was terribly surprised about that, but playing Nathan is always great fun, and this was no exception.


A Cerberus parks in Nathan’s deployment zone (top right) while Marcus closes in from the left, and Cassandra from the right… meanwhile Nathan scores all the points with Sue (centre) and a ratking (bottom left)

Game 2 – 45ss

Deployment- Flank

Strategy- Extraction

Schemes- Convict Labor, Exhaust their Forces, Take Prisoner, Set Up, Catch and Release

Game two I was up against Alex Hill (@payzahh on twitter… who isn’t from Wales), and his Lucius crew. This was my first time playing against Lucius, and Alex is fairly new to Malifaux, so we just had a good laugh. I took Kaeris with the aim of going for Set Up on Candy, and then went for Exhaust Their Forces. Broadly speaking, this ended with a Cerberus jumping around eating pretty much everything. Alex took Exhaust Their Forces and Catch and Release, which was a reasonable plan as Lucius has tons of minions, but unfortunately this meant he either didn’t have enough AP to score schemes, or didn’t have enough to cause me significant damageUnfortunately we only got to mid way through turn 3 (we were just having fun and helping Alex understand various bits of rules etc.), but at that point Kaeris was ahead 7-5, with not too much of Lucius’ crew remaining on the board.


This was a tight fight until a Cerberus and Kaeris set about everything. The informant marker is currently under the Cerberus’ Paw (which he has just used to tear the face off two Illuminated), and Lucius is busy exhausting and tagging anything within range. Candy is a little disoriented after being dropped 8″ by yet another Red Joker Grab and Drop from Kaeris.

Game 3 – 50ss

Deployment- Close

Strategy- Guard the Stash

Schemes- Convict Labor, Mark for Death, Inspection, Show of Force, Hunting Party

The final round was against Joe (sorry Joe, didn’t get your surname) and his Arcanists. When we both declared Arcanists, we both knew a Marcus mirror match would just be the worst thing ever, so Joe went for Ramos. With this in mind, I went for Mark for Death, and Hunting Party (thinking I could score 6 scheme points in 3 kills). I scored all of my scheme points, and managed to dip in to the scoring zones for 2 turns. Unfortunately, at the end of turn 4 I only had Johan and a Jackalope left. Joe meanwhile, scored all of his strategy points (with Ramos able to summon minions there was no question of this), and scored 3 for Show of Force (which I can never stop!). Unfortunately he accidentally killed Willie with a spider swarm (Minion), and didn’t catch the Jackalope (which wussed about the back of the board). This left me with an 8-7 win, which should definitely have been an 8-8 draw if Joe hadn’t messed up his hunting party.


Marcus has just Black Jokered defence and been effectively 1 shotted by Joss’s pneumatic fist. The cerberus is trying to score a point (and will imminently die to Joss). The spider swarm is about to accidentally kill Willie, and Johan has just watched a pair of Howards flurry each other to very little effect, before one got killed by Ramos, and Johan killed the other… Howard (Miss Step) continues his/her totally useless career. Seriously. Hopeless.

This left me on 2 small wins and 1 giant loss, and probably somewhere mid-table (I didn’t check).

What I took from this tournament is that the Malifaux community is a bloody nice place to be. I had 3 brilliant games, against 3 lovely opponents, and joking aside, I think this was probably my favourite tournament experience that I can remember. I was very glad there was no “Favourite opponent” voting, because I would have been totally lost and confused, they were all awesome… 2 wins is nice too.

Until next time,


P.S. this is way more than 500 words. I failed miserably at that.

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